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Kokomo Pride is currently searching for our next Director of Adult Outreach. Click the above link to read about the position and apply.

Director : Austin Mariasy


Hi everyone! So glad to see you all! I am a transplant to Indiana from Ohio having recently graduating from Kent State University with a degree in photojournalism. I have a passion for the LGBTQ Community (yes, I capitalized that word on purpose) and sports. I have photographed dozens of sporting events for university clients at national championships, regular season games and so much more.

When I am not on the sideline or behind my camera, I am probably spending time walking my super energetic dog, on the phone with my mom or helping my indecisive fiancé decide on a movie to watch.

I promise I will never bite if you reach out. I am busy so please give me some time to get back to you but again, always feel comfortable reaching out.

Director of Adult Outreach/Interim Assistant Director:

Ashley Hatfield

Hello! My name is Ashley Hatfield and my preferred pronouns are she/her. As a relatively new resident of Kokomo, I’m so excited to be more involved in the community and meet new people in our city. Along with serving on the Board of Directors for Howard County CASA, in my free time I love to shop, read, take way too many pictures of my cats, and be crafty and creative!

I have a passion for normalizing mental health, inclusivity, personal freedom, and building healthy relationships. I look forward to sharing these passions with other members of the LGBTQIA+ Community and learning from and supporting each other.

Director of Education: Karisa Vandeventer

Hello! My name is Karisa Vandeventer and I have been a Kokomo Pride Youth Group volunteer since Fall of 2017 and began serving Kokomo Pride as a Board Member in 2020.
I use she/her pronouns, identify as a cisgender female with a sexual orientation of bisexual. I am dedicated to allocating emotionally safe environments where people can learn freely without fear of judgement or bias.

Professionally, I work as a therapist and educator here in Kokomo. Personally, I love dance parties, laughing, learning, making new friends, reading, concerts, serving my community and MORE DANCE PARTIES!

Director of Youth Outreach: Christine Black Benson

I am Christine Black Benson, known as Chris to my family and Starr to my friends, I answer to a variety of names.  I have two amazing kids, both grown now and though I have not yet been blessed with grands, my Bestie shares hers with me.  
I am a cisgendered tomboy at heart.  I am asexual and in a fulfilling monogamous marriage to a cisgendered Bisexual male.  
I am pagan and follow a Norse path with druidic leanings.  
My door is always open and I’m used to sleeping with my phone next to me in case one of my kids needs me and fair warning, I’m super likely to adopt you as one of my kids within hours of meeting you (no matter what your age).  
I am excited to be filling the role as Youth Outreach Director and to getting to know you all!

Director of Community Relations

Jordan Huffer

Hello Friends! 

My name is Jordan Huffer, and I use she/her pronouns. I am a cisgender, queer woman of size, and it’s pleasure to work as your Director of Community Relations for Kokomo Pride. 
I’m a Muncie / Yorktown native who moved to Kokomo end of 2020 to live with my wonderful girlfriend Natalie.

I have a Robo Hamster named Mochi, and help take care of my girlfriend’s Great Dane, Zues. 
I’m a trained photographer who maintains an active freelance career. I also make handmade, upcycled journals which I sell in the Kokomo area. 

It is my hope to help the LGBTQ+ community in Kokomo to find safe spaces they can exist and be themselves. I will always advocate for youth and aim to be a role model. 

Reach out!

(765) 319-8803