Director of Adult Outreach

Kokomo Pride is currently searching for the next Director of Adult Outreach. This position is a volunteer voting member of Kokomo Pride’s board and will hold all the same weight as any other board member.

Just like all positions within Kokomo Pride at this time, the Director of Adult Outreach is an entirely volunteer position and will receive no monetary compensation of any kind for their work. Hours worked will be tracked and can be used to fill volunteer service requirements for work, church, school or other.

Kokomo Pride defines “adult” as 18 years of age and older.


– Oversee all aspects of adult outreach including but not limited to recruitment, education, engagement, activities, event and advocacy.

Volunteer roughly 10-15 hours per week .

Plan events and activities the adult community will appreciate and attend.

Oversee the development of the Social Group Program and recruitment of active members which includes keeping a regular meetign schedule.

Work with the Director and other board members to maintain a positive image of kokomo Pride and the LGBTQ+ Community in Kokomo and Howard County.

Keep up to date on local, regional and national issues and topics pertaining to the adult LGBTQ+ Community.

Assist the Director in developing a plan to launch a sex education program including pamphlet and equipment (condoms, lube, dental dams etc.) for free to the community including menstrual hygiene products.


Maintain a healthy LGBTQ+ identity or be an ally to the LGBTQ+ Community.

A basic working knowledge of the trials, tribulations and challenges facing the LGBTQ+ Community in 2021 as well as our history.

Must be 18+.

Ability to read and write in the english language.

Access to internet and a computer.

Reliable transportation.

If you fit the qualifications and are interested in joining the board, please fill out the form below.

Reach out!

(765) 319-8803