Kokomo Pride is more than excited to bring LGBTQ+ events back to Kokomo and provide programming for all ages! Click on an image below to see the events we have planned thus far in 2021! Many more will be coming!

Cook Out Drag Show


Aprile Rosé is turning up the music and the excitement when she hosts our September show.

Joining her are Ava, Mis Thang and Lyna Coke and it is gonna be a show you don’t want to miss!

Tickets are just $10 and the show starts at 8 and the doors open at 7:30.

See you then!

Masks will be required. If you will not wear a mask, please do not purchase a ticket.

Social Groups

Kokomo Pride’s Social Groups are designed to give the Community a safe space to gather together for free and with no expectations, no agenda, no schedule just like-minded friends hanging out together in a gay space.

We have 6 Social Groups available to the Community

Parents of LGBTQ Kids


50 and better

Young Adult

LGBTQ+ People of Faith


The social groups (with the exception of the Parents of LGBTQ+ Youth) will meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6-7p at the LGBTQ+ Center at 909 S. Courtland. The parent’s group will meet at the same time as the Youth Group every third week.

The schedule is listed below

Parents Group Schedule (Saturdays 6-7)

August 7th and 28th

September 18th

October 9th and 30th

November 20th

December 11th

Trans Group Schedule (Tuesdays 6-7)

August 10th and 31st

September 21st

October 12th

November 2nd and 23rd

December 14th

50 and Better Schedule (Tuesdays 6-7)

August 17th

September 7th and 28th

October 19th

November 9th and 30th

December 21st

LGBTQ+ People of Faith (Thursdays 6-7)

August 12th

September 2nd and 23rd

October 14th

November 4th (off for Thanksgiving)

December 16th

Young Adult (Thursdays 6-7)

August 19th

September 9th and 30th

October 21st

November 11th

December 2nd and 23rd

General (Thursdays 6-7)

August 26th

September 16th

October 7th and 28th

November 18th

December 9th and 30th

Reach out!

(765) 319-8803