Kokomo Pride is more than excited to bring LGBTQ+ events back to Kokomo and provide programming for all ages!

Queer Speaker Series

Uplifting Kokomo’s LGBTQ+ Voices

We are proud to bring a monthly speaker series to Kokomo comprised entirely of LGBTQ+ identifying people with connections to Kokomo and/or Indiana.

Bring the whole family to these free events, learn something, become inspired and hear their stories.

All events are free to the public and will be hosted at Sun King Kokomo’s Community Depot Room.

LGBTQ+ Book Club

Calling all readers!

We have a book club that meets every month and we read, you guessed it, queer books!! Meet us at our LGBTQ+ Center at 909 S. Courtland Ave on the first Wednesday of every month to discuss the book of the month and meet some friends! Snacks, drinks AND the book are provided.

This month’s read:

“I Wish You All The Best” by: Mason Deaver.

No Food Left Behind Food Pantry

We are proud to welcome No Food Left Behind into our doors to continue their vital work of providing free food to those who need it.

What’s the catch? There is no catch. You need food, come get it. No questions, no applications, just free food.

Come to the back door of the Center and No Food Left Behind will provide you with food. It’s that simple.

They will be with us every Monday at 5:15 pm until food runs out.

Social Groups

Kokomo Pride’s Social Groups are designed to give the Community a safe space to gather together for free and with no expectations, no agenda, no schedule just like-minded friends hanging out together in a gay space.

We have 6 Social Groups available to the Community

Parents of LGBTQ Kids


50 and better

Young Adult

LGBTQ+ People of Faith


The social groups (with the exception of the Parents of LGBTQ+ Youth) will meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6-7p at the LGBTQ+ Center at 909 S. Courtland.

Head to our Facebook Page and go to the events tab to see what meeting we are having today!

Reach out!

(765) 319-8803

909 S. Courtland Ave