LGBTQ+ Friendly Faith Organizations

Thank you for taking the time to read about our LGBTQ+ Friendly Faith Organizations! If you own or manage a Faith Organization that is LGBTQ+ Friendly, please stick with us for a couple more minutes and fill out this form. When you pass the criteria, someone from our Board will reach out directly to congratulate and thank you.

Each Faith organization that wishes to be on our list must answer all 10 questions.

In order to be considered LGBTQ+ Friendly by Kokomo Pride, you may answer “no” to only two (2) of the relevant questions.

Are there out LGBTQ+ people and/or their partners in your congregation and do they feel welcome, safe and supported as a gay couple?(required)

Do you, and any other pastor, priest, or preachers offer sermons of acceptance (not just tolerance) towards the LGBTQ+ Community?(required)

Do you have policies in place banning and any all versions of conversion therapy or counseling attempting to change or suppress gender identity or sexual orientation?(required)

Do you affirm gender identity?(required)

Are you willing to officiate same-sex weddings?(required)

Are your restrooms gender neutral or do you have policies in writing allowing employees and worshipers to use the restroom of their choice?(required)

Do you participate in the LGBTQ+ Community?(required)

Are you willing to take advantage of Kokomo Pride's education efforts?(required)

Would you allow a member of the LGBTQ+ Community to be employed in your church or be a pastor (or other leadership role?(required)

Can LGBTQ+ identifying people serve in any capacity at which they are physically, mentally or otherwise able?(required)

Reach out!

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