LGBTQ+ Friendly Mental Health Professionals

Thank you for taking the time to read about our LGBTQ+ Friendly Mental Health Professionals! If you work at or are a mental health professional who is LGBTQ+ friendly, please stick with us for a couple more minutes and fill out this form. When you pass the criteria, someone from our Board will reach out directly to congratulate and thank you.

Each Faith organization that wishes to be on our list must answer all 10 questions.

In order to be considered LGBTQ+ Friendly by Kokomo Pride, you may answer “no” to only two (2) of the relevant questions.


Are you familiar with LGBTQ+ issues and comfortable talking about them with a client? (required)

Do you have specific, ongoing education about LGBTQ+ issues in an official capacity?(required)

Do you keep your religion out of your professional practices and is your office space free of religious paraphernalia? (required)

Do you expressly forbid yourself and anyone under your authority from recommending any client/patient to any form of conversion therapy?(required)

Are you a safe person to come out to? i.e, will you keep a client's sexual orientation and/or gender identity between the two of you and never share it without their permission?(required)

Are you able to refer your client/patient to someone who is LGBTQ+ identifying or LGBTQ+ friendly if your client/patient requests?(required)

Is it appropriate for a professional to tell their client/patient "I am not qualified to treat/help you, but I know someone who is better at this need than I am."?(required)

Is it ever safe, fair or reasonable to claim that someone's sexual orientation or gender identity is "to blame" for their need for a mental health professional?(required)

Are you willing to undergo additional training to further your knowledge on LGBTQ+ issues?(required)

Do you have a list of LGBTQ+ Friendly resources you could refer your client/patient to?(required)

Answer only if you see minors: Do you have a way or method of documenting your conversations in your meeting notes that will not out your client/patient to their parents?(required)

Answer only if you see minors: Do you have a list if youth friendly resources you could refer your client/patient to should they ask?(required)

Bonus: Do you identify as LGBTQ+ Friendly?(required)

Reach out!

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