Speaker Series Sponsorship

Thank you for considering sponsoring our first ever Queer Speaker Series! It means a lot that you would consider joining us on this mission. Because of people like you, we are proud to offer this educational resource to the Community free of charge.

Thank you!

Sponsorship Levels:

Single Speaker Sponsor: – $100

This level is exactly as it sounds. This level will get you a sponsorship for one of our speakers.

When you sponsor one of our speakers, you will receive:

  • Name and/or logo present on fliers at the door
  • Social media recognition when posting about the specific speaker (at least 3 posts leading up to the speaker).
  • A specific thank you during opening remarks at the event.

Series Sponsor: – $500

Bet you can’t figure out what this sponsorship is. You guessed it. This level gets you a sponsorship for the entire series!

When you sponsor the entire series, you will receive:

  • Everything from above
  • Name and/or logo on every flier for every speaker
  • An invite to lunch or dinner with each speaker with Kokomo Pride’s Board.
  • Ability to hand out company swag at the event.

If one of these sponsorship levels works for you, please fill out the form below and our Director, Austin Mariasy will reach out to you to talk details.

Email Austin at director@kokomopride.lgbt for more.

I want to sponsor: