Thank you for your support!

We cannot thank you enough for considering supporting Kokomo Pride. Without you, our work would not be possible. We are here to serve you and nothing will stop us in this endeavor.

We are working hard and continuing to grow. We are excited to have our Youth Group up and running under the watchful and motherly eye of our Director of Youth Outreach, Christin Benson. We are working on creating support groups for various underrepresented groups where everyone can come and feel welcomed and supported. We are continuing to grow and build more partnerships with local businesses and currently have 22 LGBTQ+ Friendly Businesses, 2 LGBTQ+ Friendly Faith Organizations and 2 LGBTQ+ Friendly Mental Health Professional and our list is growing!

All of these goals and more mean we are building our network and our needs continue to grow. We have recently opened an open-to-all LGBTQ+ Center and we are working hard to build our programs and offerings. These will include, but are not limited to, safe sex education and resources, HIV/AIDS testing and resources, socialization in a safe, queer space and education on queer topics.

If you are interested in helping us with our goals, please consider visiting us below and donating to our cause. We will be forever grateful to any and all of our valued donors and friends. Any donations will go to our above goals and if they fall into our tier structure listed below (they will) we will make sure to send you a thank you letter and the appropriate package!

Again, thank you so much. We cannot do our work with out people like you!


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We cannot thank you enough!

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Your contribution is appreciated.

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