As we grow, so do our needs for volunteers. By signing up to volunteer with Kokomo Pride, you are signing up to work with the most dedicated and talented people in Kokomo and we are more than excited to have you on our team!

Please see below for some opportunities we have coming up and for some long term options including volunteering with our Youth Group!

If you find something that speaks to you, fill out the appropriate form and we will get back to you! We are so excited to have you on our team!

Kokomo Pride Youth Group

Our Kokomo Pride Youth Group is in almost constant need of volunteers to help us run our meetings, activities and fundraisers. If you have a passion for giving back to the next generation and helping young folks find their way in life, this opportunity is for you!

Our Director of Youth Outreach, Christine Black Benson is super excited to welcome any and all new volunteers and some we have known for quite some time. All Youth Group volunteers will pass a background check and will follow all Kokomo Pride and Kokomo Pride Youth Group policies. Background checks will be the financial responsibility of the volunteer. If you want to sign up and help but cannot afford the background check ($30) please still reach out. We may be able to help.

A copy of our policies can be found here:

If you are interested and able to provide that background check, please fill out the form below and Christine will get back with you regarding the next steps!


Events are the most fun part of our work with Kokomo Pride and in that, we need so many hands to help with them. This June, we have so many events and we are so excited to bring them to you! Read below for our opportunities and follow the links to sign up!

If you decide to sign up, please, please please remember that we will be counting on you to be there. We get it life happens (especially right now) but if you can no longer attend the event you signed up for, please let us know so we can either cover the position ourselves (as a Board) or find someone else who can help. No hard feelings ever.

Volunteers not directly associated with the Youth Group are not subject to the Youth Group policies, especially the background check policy.

Second Annual Drag Queen Carwash Presented by Stellantis

Our first Drag Queen Carwash was such a huge success, we decided to to it again. This time, we made it bigger! We are welcoming food trucks and tons of great partners to Kokomo Municipal Stadium to be a part of our premier event for the summer and for Pride Month!

Visit our signup sheet at the link below to see what we need help with. When you find an opportunity that fits you, simply sign up! It’s free!

Don’t forget, all volunteers will get a free shirt too!

Sign up here!

Trivia Night

Sun King – June 3 6:30-9

Our friends at Sun King are opening their doors and microphones for us to host a trivia night on June 3rd! We need some folks who will hand out stickers, talk good things about Kokomo Pride and check score cards. If you want to help us out, visit the link below and sign up!

We only need 3 volunteers so hurry up!

Sign up here

Music with Friends

June 12th

Who wouldn’t want to spend an entire Saturday working with and listening to awesome local bands in a one of a kind local venue? Sign up and you can help local bands set up their gear, help talk about Kokomo Pride and maybe even sell some swag for us at a table. Sign up soon! The spots are going quick!

Sign up here

Drag Show

Sun King – June 18 6-9

The ever fierce Glinda B. Fierce is making an appearance at Sun King! We need a few hands to get ready for the show! Come help us set up or tear down and you get to see the show for free! It’s gonna be awesome! Glinda just won a MAJOR contest! Check her out!

Spots are filling up quickly!

Sign up here


We have some other needs that are not time specific or tied to one event or another. Please read about those below. Fill out the form if you are interested in helping out with these!


Kokomo Pride is working on creating a written and visual newsroom where we write features on businesses, friends and excellent Community members who we want to put a spotlight on. If you want to build on your writing skills, work to get some bylines and experience before some job applications or just have something to keep you busy, fill out the form and talk with us! No experience necessary but it is preferred.

Sticker Maker

We have the designs, the paper and the Cricut. We need your hands. If you are crafty and want to keep busy between jobs or in the evenings, fill out the form and let us know!

We are always looking for some new stickers too so if you want to design your own, knock yourself out! Just show our Director before you print them.

Reach out!


(765) 319-8803