Kokomo Pride’s Youth Group

Kokomo Pride’s Youth Group serves the LGBTQ+ Community aged 12-18. If you are in that demographic or have a kid who is LGBTQ+ identifying, this is the place for you.

All our Youth Group volunteers have passed background checks.


General Meetings

We host weekly Youth Group meetings in the Novak Community Room in our LGBTQ+ Center. The meetings are from 12 noon to 4pm every single Saturday.

These weekly meetings, generally are hang outs where queer identifying kids can come hang out with other queer identifying kids in a friendly, gay space.

Waiver of Liability

When do we need a waiver on file?

  • Your kid is participating an event off our property without parent present.
  • Your kid is riding in a vehicle driven by one of our representatives.

If either of these are true, we need a waiver on file. Waivers are good on an event to event basis and every time your kid attends an event off our property and you are not present, or rides in a vehicle driven by one of our representatives.

The waiver can be downloaded below and filled out the old fashioned way with pen and paper or filled out digitally and returned to director@kokomopride.lgbt.


In an effort to protect your kids, we have a special set of polices that govern how we run Kokomo Pride Youth Group. These policies are below. They are downloadable if you so choose.

Are We Missing Something?

Let us know if you need something we are not offering or if you have suggestions.

Reach out!


(317) 438-1110